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Bob Silverstein


Are your family, marriage and personal life on a collision course with your career or business?

Are you an investment professional whose performance is below expectations, either because you are taking unnecessary risks or because you have become too cautious?

Are you a small business facing a crisis or whose managers are underperforming?

Are you discouraged because you find yourself locked into a pattern of thought, behavior and emotion that is clearly not in your best interest?

Then I can help. I am a New York City based therapist, executive coach, and organizational change/crisis management consultant with over 25 years of experience. My work focuses on helping individuals and workplaces deal constructively with the negative and painful thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have come to limit their well-being and effectiveness. I strive to help my clients create new possibilities, gain a sense of optimism and achieve their goals.

In addition to providing psychotherapy and coaching to individuals, I work with organizations that are undergoing change and/or crisis. As many of my clients are investment professionals, corporate lawyers and other high-risk and high-stress professionals, my methods focus on helping these professionals successfully manage the risk and stress they face. To this goal I have developed some rather unique and related tools: Total Life Coaching, Mindful Poker, and a Managing Risk Group.