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Have you found yourself thinking:
“I hate my job.  I’m at work all the time and I don’t even know why. ”
“I’m making a good living, but my life’s not good.  Should I quit?”
“I thought the promotion would help my marriage.  It’s worse, and so is my work.”
“I should work more on the project, but I can’t.  I’m worried all the time, I can’t concentrate and
I’m not very happy.”
“I used to like my job, but my new boss doesn’t appreciate me.  I think he may want to force me out.”

I can help.

I use two different forms of coaching to assist my clients:

Executive Coaching best helps those individuals who want to focus strictly on workplace and career development issues. It improves productivity, increases job satisfaction, promotes more active problem-solving and enhances morale, motivation and communication.

Total Life Coaching assists clients whose issues are more related to the connection between career issues and personal, family and health issues.  It helps individuals set and clarify goals, identify and resolve conflicts, increase focus and motivation, and integrate work and personal life goals.

Both forms of coaching are short-term and cost-effective.They teach executives to manage crises and structure practical, action-oriented solutions to issues and conflicts that interfere with their effectiveness.