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Crisis Management

Organizational Change and Crisis Management

Many situations can lead to a fragmented and demoralized workforce. An unforeseeable accident or death, labor dispute or act of workplace violence is disruptive to productivity. Planned downsizing, reorganization or the failure to manage responsively the reactions of your workforce can be disastrous.

Employees and managers become distressed, distracted and disenfranchised. Organizations are faced with diminished loyalty, morale and productivity as well as more numerous injuries and illnesses leading to higher worker compensation and medical costs.

Bob formed CCC to implement a direct and caring response to change and crisis. Corporate Change Consultants will assist you to turn a deleterious situation into an opportunity to revitalize your organization, inspire commitment and spur productivity.

Our Process and Services

Develop a Plan For Change – Corporate Change Consultants works with your senior staff to develop a plan of action that actively addresses the ever-changing marketplace that you must adapt to and deal with.

Respond to Crisis – We help you to determine who needs assistance; structure and schedule intervention; assign management resources and plan for organizational follow-up.

Provide Interventions – Groups of affected staff are led through a process that powerfully promotes the resolution of organizational and personal stress. Employees are empowered to respond to crisis and change in a realistic and productivity-enhancing fashion.

Consult with Management – We teach management new ways to respond to employees’ reactions to crisis and change. This makes the change easier for everyone to handle and encourages team-building. Employees and management will enjoy a renewed affiliation with the organizational mission.

Customize Training Courses – We address your special needs on such topics as workplace violence, management and supervisory skills, crisis management teams, employee assistance programming and identifying and assisting the troubled employee.