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Managing Risk Workshop
For traders, money managers and other high-stakes decision makers

There are professionals for whom making calm, clear, well-thought-out decisions under great pressure is the single, most important element of their job and their eventual success or lack thereof.

In order to make these decisions consistently and profitably, a precondition for sound decision-making must exist. Before a professional’s experience and business acumen can be brought to bear, he or she must be able to determine if they are in the right frame of mind and body to make these risky decisions.

Too often, great risk is taken when we are preoccupied, emotional, anxious, tired, confused, numb, and unclear regarding our motives. A professional can often risk extensive personal and organizational capital on nothing more than a whim.

The Managing Risk Workshop is intended to help professionals develop the benchmarks that help them determine when and if they are ready to take action.

Core Learning Topics
Learn to recognize and duplicate calm, centered and clear-thinking states of mind.
Learn to make sound decisions in the face of stress.
Learn to benchmark high-risk thoughts, reactions and emotions that can lead to costly errors.
Learn to reduce risk by taking action only when you are in the right state of mind and body.


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