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Do you:
Act impulsively and/or addictively when you want to be in better control of your actions?
Experience too much worry, anxiety, and sadness?
Have trouble reaching your potential at work?
Have a difficult and less than rewarding relationship with your spouse, partner or children?

I can help

I have provided expert counseling and psychotherapy services for over 25 years.  My special areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

Relationship/marital issues
Managing risk and change
Career/business issues

My style is supportive and interactive.  I am an excellent listener and my clients typically see me as someone who both promotes a sense of control and helps them to achieve better-functioning and a healthier, more confident sense of themselves.

Many of my clients come to see me because they are feeling stuck in one or more areas of their lives.  Sometimes it is their personal development, their relationship, their career, or a combination of all three.  They often suffer from a host of physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive symptoms which include; illness, loss, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, confusion, and disappointment.  My expertise is in creating pathways for change and assisting my clients to achieve their goals and long-needed change.